All A‑Lab formulas have been designed to ensure optimal bioavailability

Through a liposomal matrix combined with a customised
LCA-BioScience® activation complex

Micronutrients play a key role in our health

For this reason, A-Lab has developed a line of essential micronutrients with next-generation bioavailability to guarantee optimum absorption of its active ingredients

Liposomes: designed to protect and deliver active ingredients

An innovative approach for improved absorption

Ranging from 10 to 100 nanometres in diameter, a liposome is a spherical structure consisting of a double layer of phospholipids – a class of lipids with a hydrophilic head (which likes water) and a hydrophobic tail (which does not like water)


Forming vesicles, liposomes can encapsulate active substances which they protect from degradation and help penetrate cells by fusing with the intestinal membrane. The cells of the latter primarily consist of phospholipids


Due to a structural similarity, liposomes can interact with them in a specific way: when the liposome lipids come into contact with those of the cellular membrane, hydrophobic attractions encourage fusion, allowing the content of the liposome to be delivered straight to the heart of the cell

A-Lab exclusive liposomal technology

A-Lab liposomes are obtained through high-pressure microfluidisation

This innovative solvent-free technology helps maintain the integrity of the phospholipids and ensure a high level of consistency in the size and composition of the liposomes for a steady delivery

Thanks to an exclusive coating method

A-Lab liposomes are protected from digestive attack and gradually reach their cellular penetration site for a slower, extended release of active ingredients and long-lasting effects

Increased absorption

In this study comparing the absorption of a liposomal form of Vitamin C to a non-liposomal form, there is a 77% increase in absorption of active ingredients, and a more extended release of the vitamin C administered in liposomal form

Randomised study, single dose, two treatments, two sequences, two periods

Bidirectional crossover study of oral bioavailability in adult human subjects in good health under fasting conditions

Increase in overall bioavailability, Cmax and area under the curve in response to the oral administration of liposomal vitamin C versus the administration of a non-encapsulated version

The results of clinical studies into orally administered liposomal vitamin C are 1.77 times more bioavailable than non-liposomal vitamin C

Original: Source : Gopi S., Balakrishnan P. « Evaluation and clinical comparison studies on liposomal and non-liposomal ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and their enhanced bioavailability ». J. Liposome Res. 2 octobre 2021. Vol. 31, n°4, p. 356‑364.

LCA-BioScience®: specific activation complexes to boost performance

For any physiological process to complete, various biological compounds must work together in a coordinated and synergistic manner

Optimised absorption

Improved cellular penetration

Intervention in the synthesis process

All A‑Lab formulas are reinforced with a specific activation complex: LCA‑BioScience®

Releasing biomolecules vital to the fulfilment of various biological functions associated with our essential nutrients